Helpful Resources
This page is devoted to gathering a collection of Christian resources dealing with many different subjects.  Not everything on every site has the endorsement of this church - read with discernment!  When you click on a blue word, it will take you to the linked website.
Family Resources
There are so many dangers to protect your family from, starting with the internet.  Having an internet connection in your home without a good filter is like starting a fire on your couch instead of in the fire place.  The question is not if but when serious damage will be done. 

Two excellent Christian filters are:
hedgebuilders.  Offers discounts to those in leadership in the church.
Bsafeonline.  This seems like the best option - it includes antivirus, protection against identity fraud, as well as guarding your home against pornography and other dangers. 

Rev. Lewis has a blog article about this subject. 
A blog is a series of short articles commenting on developments in the news and culture. 
These Christian blogs are helpful ways of keeping up with what is going on out there, as well as providing resources to learn to see everything biblically.

Kerugma - by Rev. Jerrold Lewis of the Lacombe FRC.  This blog often contains helpful hints for family life. 

Ray Pennings - an elder in the Calgary FRC who travels widely and knows many of the political movers and shakers in Canada and the US.  Especially helpful for politics and Christian worldview formation. 

Albert Mohler - a seminary professor and one of the most astute cultural observers of our generation.
Creation Science
Often our young people are challenged in secular universities as if evolution is the only scientific way of looking at life.  These sites give answers to common questions and can give you fascinating insight into God's wonderful creation!

Creation on the web
Answers in Genesis
Creation Science
Free Bible Software
E-Sword is a free Bible software program.
You can also download free books and commentaries, though not all of them are recommendable.
Bible Reading Calendar - reading through the Bible in a year. 
Reformed Theology
Monergism contains many articles, books, audio sermons, commentaries, and much more. 
Reformation 21 - A broadly based reformed web magazine & blog.  Usually helpful, but discern! 
Women's Resource
Revive our hearts is a great radio program providing women with  helpful biblical instruction on how to be a godly woman in our culture. 
The counsel for Biblical manhood and womanhood helps us in a culture confused about gender. 
Great Messages to Listen to!
The gospel in 6 minutes!  By Dr. John Piper
Don't waste your life  By Dr. John Piper
Should Christians watch movies?  By Dr. David Murray
A provocative title - give it a hearing!
Jesus the Only Way - Dr. R.C. Sproul
Marriage Resources
Marriages are under assault in our culture. 
A wedding prayer - for married couples too.