The name of our church is “Emmanuel Free Reformed Church.”

The word “Emmanuel” is taken from Matt 1: 23.  It means “God with us”.  This is the name that God, through the angel Gabriel, gave to our Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ.  Although He was God, He assumed our flesh and blood and lived among us until His death on the cross.  He is still with us through His Holy Spirit, leading, guiding and defending us and will continue to be with us to all eternity.

The words “Free Reformed” is the name of the denomination to which we belong.  We call ourselves “Reformed” because we trace our roots to the Protestant Reformation in Europe in the 16th Century and hold to the doctrines which the Reformers – especially the Swiss Reformer John Calvin – taught.  You can find more information about our denomination under the “Our History” tab.

The word “Church” refers to the fact that we are not just a voluntary society.  We are part of the universal church of Jesus Christ.  One of our confessions, the Belgic Confession, defines the church as “a holy congregation of true Christian believers, all expecting their salvation in Jesus Christ, being washed by His blood, sanctified and sealed by the Holy Ghost.” That is what we are and strive, by God’s grace, ever more to become.