Dear congregation,

Greetings in Christ.  We hope you are all well and that your faith and trust in Christ is remaining firm and even becoming stronger in the midst of this current pandemic.

Several weeks ago, we wrote to you advising you to worship at home via sermonaudio (this letter is now posted on our website under the “Covdi-19” tab).  In the same letter we indicated that anyone who wanted to come and worship should feel free to do so – so long as we keep our numbers to below 50 which is the maximum number of people we are allowed to have according to our public health officials.  We also asked that if anyone wanted to come to church that they should inform the pastor or an elder.

With more and more of our members trickling back to church (as well quite a number of visitors) we would like to remind you of this request.  However, rather than contacting the pastor or an elder, we would ask you to contact Susan Schoeman and to do so no later than Saturday at 4:00 p.m. if you would like to come this coming Sunday.  You can text her at 778-982-9103 or email her at  After this week the deadline will be every Friday evening at 7:00 p.m.

Please note: Anyone who does not let Susan know they are coming and simply shows up at church will be asked to go home if we have reached our limit.  If we have more than fifty people wanting to attend a service, Susan will schedule some for a different service or the following week.  This is the same procedure that is being used in the Chilliwack FRC.

For your information, we have taken / are taking the following measures to minimize the risk of transmission:

  1. All the doors to the church are kept locked except for the north entrance which is opened and closed by one person.
  2. The church is disinfected each week.
  3. Song books, Bibles and pew rails are disinfected after every service.
  4. Signs have been posted asking the congregation to practice social distancing measures and to leave their used Bibles and song books on the pew so they can be disinfected.
  5. All interior doors are kept open at all times including the washroom doors.
  6. The fellowship hall and nursery are closed and off limits.
  7. Hand sanitizers have been placed at the doors leading into the sanctuary.
  8. The offering is taken at the door.
  9. We continue to practice social distancing before, during and after church.

It may interest you to know that we have reported what we are doing to BC Health and they approved the measures we are taking.

May the Lord remember our province and nation and the many countries of the world who have been impacted by this virus.  Let us pray that this crisis may soon come to end so that we may gather together for worship once again.

The Consistory